Marcelle Rebelo de Mendonça is a librarian, mentor, coach and English teacher. She is the founder of Biblio Ideias (Ideas Library), which has been operating since 2010.

Biblio Ideias is a project of entrepreneurship and communication that joins Brazilians and Portuguese citizens, especially women that wish to launch a business, a disruptive event or a digital innovative venture. Biblio Ideas strives for the empowerment of entrepreneurs, namely in their collective dimension.

Biblio Ideias works directly with young students and schoolchildren but it also offers consultancy to entrepreneurs regarding the creation and management of a business strategy with a focus on communication.

Paula Duarte was born in Lisbon on July 17th, 1976. She has a degree in Public Relations and Advertising, a course she took with the aim of challenging herself and working in the field of advertising, which she never did, because she fell in love with Public Relations.

In 2019, through a challenging process of food reeducation, she completely changed her mind set, losing 27 kg in less than a year. This led to the creation of her own business, after 23 years of public service in a municipality.

Today, she is a certified coach and trainer. She organizes workshops, training programs and group dynamics in the area of ​​human development. She created the teambuilding project “Hands in the Pasta!”, where she promotes the preparation of meals with flavour and balance.

She is the mentor of the Program “Transform Yourself!” an online plan, lasting 4 months, created with the aim of supporting behaviour change and the adoption of a balanced lifestyle. It promotes guidance in the area of ​​food re-education, task management & productivity, exercise & relaxation and image consulting.

Paula also coordinates a collaborative project in the area of ​​health and well-being, with the aim of creating integrated and personalized responses to customer needs, in a personal and professional context.

Raquel Pelicano is an International Trainer in Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming. Her mission is to support people both in their personal and professional development. In 2020, she created the Mind7Academy brand, whose Purpose is to “Inspire People to Be and Do What Inspires Them”.

Raquel created her first and current company in 1996, Pelicano Consulting, after having graduated in Business Organization and Management. Linked to the corporate world for over 20 years, she has supported companies since their inception, in the definition of projects, business plans and internationalization processes. Included in her corporate experience,  Raquel also worked in the financial management of an international project company and a real estate company.

However, at the age of 40, she felt the need to evolve and took her Masters in Economics and International Management. This was the first step to never stop learning and developing on a personal level. The year 2017 was a year of training and change in the professional career, which included a certification in International Trainer in Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming, with complementary training in positive psychology and emotional intelligence.

Raquel is a IEFP Certified Trainer and a Certified Online Instructor graduated in Business Management and with a Master’s in Economics and International Management. She is a partner of the community Women at Work and the Regional Coordinator for the North of Portugal.

Regina Courela is a commercial consultant, mentor and trainer, as well as Margarida’s mother and Henrique’s companion. She sees herself as an optimistic by nature and a woman with an easy smile.

All her life she worked in sales and with teams. She graduated in Communication and Journalism, but was a student worker and was already working in sales and customer service at that time. Regina has more than two decades of experience in sales and team management, with national and international experience in Finland and Austria.

In the last decade she worked in a multinational company that is widely recognized for its excellence in organization and ability to sell. A very well assembled machine, where Regina was able to grow up and learn.

When she became a mother at almost 41 years old, in Austria, she decided to change her life. She returned to Portugal and created her own project, in which he gives continuity to what she was doing as national manager of the expanding sales team in the multinational company.

Now she helps small businesses to grow. One of her guiding principles is to bring “knowledge from the great to the smaller”, teaching small business to explore the full potential of a space, of a product and to understand the benefits of a personalized service.

Rita Bernardino is passionate about life and freedom. Since always, her goal has been to empower and help people to live their best version and follow their dreams. She is a Clinical Psychologist and Holistic Therapist with over 25 years of experience in the field of mental, energetic and spiritual health.

Rita has already assisted more than 5 thousand clients in psychotherapy and holistic therapies and has trained more than 10 thousand people in various topics such as meditation, holistic psychology, energy healing, reiki, karuna, healing from the past, activation of the light body, healing of mourning and family relationships, healing of ancestral influences, radionic table, cleaning of spaces, aromatherapy, among others.

One of her purposes has always been to empower other people and give them tools so that they can be self-sufficient on an emotional, energetic and spiritual level in their daily lives. Over the years, Rita has created several courses, workshops and programs with this purpose, but always face-to-face. The time has come to bring her knowledge to the digital world and thus reach even more people.

Rita Maria Nunes, Country Manager in Portugal of The Alternative Board.
35 years. Maria Alice’s mother, 1 dog and 2 cats. She believes women are incredible forces of nature.

Entrepreneurial and passionate about entrepreneurship, she created her first business when she was 14 years old. Since then, she has worked on different projects and helped to develop hundreds of businesses, always knowing that the passion for what we do moves mountains and achieves unimaginable results.

Known for her energy and constant positivism she claims to have inherited her passion for life from the Brazilian mom’s side. She even lived in São Paulo for some time and is passionate about the Brazilian climate, food, and good humor.

She confesses a fan of strategy games; whoever is close to her recognizes her extraordinary ability to solve problems. Her life mantra is proof of that “Nothing is so complex that six months from now it won’t be ok!”

Sandra Caracol is an Emotional and Parental Coach. Her mission is to help mothers regain their self-esteem and self-confidence so that they can become their best version of a mother and, in this way, contribute to a healthier development of their children at an emotional level.

She was a bank clerk for 27 years of her life, but the challenges with her youngest daughter, currently 14 years old, showed her the need to heal her childhood wounds in order to be the mother that she needed so much. The process ended up making her passionate about this subject, to the point of leaving the bank at the end of 2020 to dedicate herself exclusively to the Super Parents project, of which she is co-author, through which she helps other mothers learn to deal with the challenging behaviour of their children without losing patience or authority.

The Super Parents project includes a Community with more than 200 mothers and fathers in its exclusive online training that combines the tools of Positive Discipline with those of Emotional Intelligence, and also offers individual Parental Monitoring services and in-person workshops in schools, among others.

Sandra Félix is ​​a Leadership and High Performance Coach. Her mission is to help leaders and entrepreneurs discover their personal leadership and align it with their professional leadership towards achieving transformative results impacting their productivity, while developing their best version as a person.

Currently she is the CEO of the company 100% Trust; she has a degree in Communication and Marketing and works as a Master Leadership Coach, with hundreds of hours given in Coaching sessions. Sandra has several International Coaching Certifications, including: Master Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming, Master in Executive & Business Coaching and High Performance Coaching.

Specialist in High Performance Leadership, Sandra created the C.O.N.F.I.A.R. (TRUST) and wrote an e-book under the same title. She is also co-author of the e-book “3 reasons to be an Intrapreneur”. Since 1994, her professional career has included functions in the areas of Marketing, Sales, Team Leadership, Training, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship.

All these functions in different areas contributed significantly to the enrichment of her experience in terms of the knowledge of people, including the understanding about their behaviours and motivations.