MAO4Action is an enterprise that was recently constituted to provide formal support to a large community of female entrepreneurs from Portugal that gathers over 155 000 members on Facebook, called Mulheres à Obra. It is a cooperative platform that fosters the exchange of information, business opportunities, testimonies and training offers among its members, which are mostly independent workers or owners of micro businesses. It was created on March 2017 and it has been growing consistently since then, in number of women involved and in the scope of its activity.

The community has published a book on female entrepreneurship, organizes conferences and businesses fairs, manages a website with useful resources, organizes training programs, creates digital open access educational resources and supports networking groups.

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ISOB is a private organisation for research, development and evaluation, founded 1990; 2003 it was founded as a limited company (ISOB GmbH). It develops internal evaluation and quality assurance of development projects in the field of entrepreneurship, workplace learning, digital learning and Learning Region approaches. ISOB is a member of the German Society for Evaluation (DGEVAL) and works according to internationally accepted evaluation standards.

It has implemented numerous long term projects for the German Federal Government and for the German Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), on SME-Training Provider cooperation, self-organized learning in the workplace, use of digital media for learning in the workplace. It has 40 projects in the LLL and Erasmus+ program implemented and evaluated. ISOB presents a trong focus on entrepreneurship training and development, particularly in SME, e.g.ARTISAN (entrepreneurship for family businesses), MultENTCOACH (coaching of young small SME), InspireUs (womenentrepreneurship)

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Storytellme was established in 2014 as the result of the joint efforts of a group of innovative and creative driven experienced professionals in the areas of digital literacy and educational project management. Storytellme has specific expertise in the development of creative concepts for non-formal education initiatives and projects, where it applies its innovative digital products, materials and approaches on different and diverse target groups.

The core public of Storytellme activities encompasses both the schools and the enterprises. In its activities it has earned the trust and respect of its partners, public and private sector organisations spread across Europe, with whom it  has cooperated successfully with the scope of several international projects.

Since 2017, Storytellme has participated in several European projects that approach an educational context and explore its models in different domains: female entrepreneurship, circular economy and digital skills.

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