Handbook on Sustainable Female Entrepreneurship – to be released in 2023 (date to be announced)

The handbook will provide objective, straightforward and practical insights into the challenges and strategies for the management of micro businesses by women. The educational contents produced by our team will be displayed in a schematic way, highlighting their main features, and the project XTeam-FEM will be presented in detail.
The handbook will be available in this website for free in Portuguese, German and English.

Dissemination Conference and Business Fair – to be held in 2023 (date to be announced)

The 2023 edition of Mulheres à Obra yearly conference will be about innovative peer education for female entrepreneurship, the ideal setting to disseminate XTeam-FEM. The experts involved in the project will share their experience with the audience and the consortium will present the main findings of the project to relevant stakeholders, namely representatives of regional governments and other political agents active in the field of entrepreneurship, academics and researchers with an interest in the subject, experts and practitioners in adult online education and, naturally, female entrepreneurs with micro businesses.
The main results of the conference will be included in a digital report that will be made available not only to the participants in the event, but also to the general public.