XTeam-FEM promotes the constitution of an online epistemic community of female entrepreneurs that provides counselling, mentoring and training to other female entrepreneurs with micro businesses.


This community facilitates their collective organization for common purposes and the sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise in the following areas:

• Business management

• Digital marketing and sales

• Social and environmental responsibility

• Collaborative work among peers



1: Recruitment of a team of female entrepreneurs that will constitute the foundation of the epistemic community

2: Development by the team of online open access
educational contents

3: Organization of a transnational Boot Camp

4: Construction of a Handbook on Sustainable Female Entrepreneurship

5: Organization of a Conference and Business Fair on Female Entrepreneurship


XTeam-FEM has the following expected results:

• Development of an innovative participatory approach to training through the implementation of a collaborative network of female entrepreneurs whose matrix will be disseminated to the public to be replicated in other contexts;

• Improvement of the business management competences of female entrepreneurs through the access to relevant knowledge provided by their peers, whose experience and competences will be recognized and valued.

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